Because your story matters.

We're Original Machine: a small collective of honest, modern storytellers.

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We're not a media production house, nor a photographic, web, or design agency. We are storytellers. Careful listening, and gentle coaching are our tools. Through our mastery of multiple media types, we draft a cohesive narrative that represents your unique vision. Build your dreams, and we'll help communicate them.

Our Clients

The battle for simplicity isn't easily won. In a world full of noise and chaos, we help our clients stand out. Whether you need a brand rescue, or are promoting a single project: artists, businesses, and event planners — we're here for you.

What We Do

We work on the web, and create stunning images and film productions — but no creative endeavor is an island. Our specialty is communicating your vision across multiple media types.

Design for the Web

Today, most purchase decisions begin online. Every business, small or large, deserves a beautiful and functional presence on the web.


It's simple, really: quality images sell products, and communicate who you are. Each frame freezes time, and with it, emotion.

Film Production

This is the main tool in our storytelling arsenal, and for good reason. Film, whether presented online, in a theater, or on a television screen, is a powerful medium.

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It's just an email or phone call, we don't bite. We're here to discuss your project, event, or business goals. Tell us what you're up to, and we'll propose a clear way to improve your bottom line.